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Stella A Griffin

 Theater Educator/ Director




 Brethren Christian

Junior & Senior High School, located in southeast Huntington Beach, CA.,

has provided academically

excellent, Christ-centered

education for 60 years.

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Performed November 15th - 17th, 2007

Set in 1941, I'll Be Home for Christmas tells of a family's faith while our nation is at the onset of war.

Most of the play occurs onstage in the family home while they are listening to the news and music of the day from the radio studio just offstage.

Even in the darkest of times, we have much to give thanks for.  The family gives strength to each other and shares in the strength we receive from our Lord and Savior.

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The Cast

The Family and Neighbors

Howard West Kyle G

Micky, his grandson Shawn S

Angie, his granddaughter Angelina F

Norma, his daughter Tivoli H

Lil, the building maintenance supervisor Stephanie H

Sid, the retired car salesman downstairs Kasey N

Danny, the mailman Daniel W


At The Radio Station

Jerry Brainard, the radio announcer Evan S

Radio Actors & Sound Effects Technicians

Grant C, Ryan S, Robbie A, Patrick Q, Zachary H,

Mollie M, Heather H, Hailey H, Adam C, Chris C

Newscaster Grant C

Buddy Burfiend Robbie A

Choir Director Zachary H


Radio Soloists

Louise Van Dell ("Toyland") - Alyssa W

The Swingaires ("Deck the Halls") -

Heather Horibe Mollie M, Robbie A

Olivia Orange ("Olivia Orange Jingle") - Nicole B

Frankie Donatello ("Without You") - Adam C

The Quackenbush Sisters ("I'm Wishing You a Merry, Merry Christmas") - Megan B, Taylor L, Hailey H (soloist), Katharyn S


Stella Ashton ("Every Time I Turn Around") - Jeantina R

KJOY Quartet ("Station ID") -

Heather H, Katharyn S, Grant C, Robbie A

The Dropettes ("Coffee Commercial") -

Megan B, Heather H, Jeantina R, Katharyn S

Richardo Fortsando ("Vesti la guibba") - Robbie ("Roberto") A

Seasonaires - Megan B, Taylor L, Heather H, Hailey H, Alyssa W,

 Jeantina R, Mollie M, Kelsey C, Katharyn S, Nicole B

Carolers - Nicole Y, Whitney W, Ania H, Janis P, Mrs. Ellen Kabelitz


Piano Accompaniment/Music Director: Mrs. Barbara Peebles