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Stella A Griffin

 Theater Educator/ Director




 Brethren Christian

Junior & Senior High School, located in southeast Huntington Beach, CA.,

has provided academically

excellent, Christ-centered

education for 60 years.

Visit us at www.bchs.net


"If chance will have me king..."




"If chance will have me king ..."




Thursday, Friday & Saturday  February 12,13,14  2009

in the BC Playhouse

Cast of Characters
Macbeth - Keegan L. Lady Macbeth - Taylor L.
Banquo - Levi D. Duncan - Kasey N.
Malcolm - Jacob D. Donalbain - Joey S.
Macduff - Patrick Q. Lady Macduff - Hailey H.
Son of Macduff - Joey S. Lennox - Jack T.
Ross - Zachary H. Angus - Monty S.
Sergeant - Evan S. Messenger - Joey S.
Caithness - Zach H. Menteith - Levi D.
Young Siward - Monty S. Seyton - Josh M.
First Witch - Tivoli H. Second Witch - Megan M.
Third Witch - Katharyn S. Hecate - Kelsey C.
Murderers - Montgomery S., Evan S., Shawn S.
Attendants: Megan M., Tivoli H., Katharyn S.
Gentlewoman - Hailey H. Doctor - Kasey N.
Porter - Shawn S. Reporter - Kelsey C.
Interviewer - Monty S.


Production Crew


Mrs. Stella Griffin

Technical and Special Effects Director

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Shawn S.

Technical Assistants

Amanda M., Matt M.,

John U.

Special Effects Photography

Levi D.

Video Editing and Special Effects

Stage & Properties Manager

Josh M.


Mrs. Cathy Quinn,

Mrs. Janet Mar

Set Painting

Mr. Ronald Hudson

Still Photography

Playbill Design

Mrs. Susie Sprinkel Hudson

Macbeth poster, flyer, program,

cover art

Patrick Q.

Technical Advisor Mr. Bob Everett


Special Thanks to our B.C. Playhouse Boosters

House Manager

Mrs. Julie Harrington


Mrs. Lisa Specht

Ticket Sales

Mrs. Martha Vosburg

Booster Secretary

Mrs. Shelia Dunning

Booster Vice President

Mrs. Lisa Specht

Booster President

Mrs. Susie Sprinkel Hudson


Special Thanks to the BCHS Administration

for their ongoing support!