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The Cast

The Family
Ethel Savage Tivoli H.
Lily Belle Hailey H.
Samuel Zachary H.
Titus Kasey N.

The Guests

Fairy Mae Katharyn S.
Florence Kelsey C.
Hannibal Montgomery S.
Jeffrey Patrick Q.
Mrs. Paddy Taylor L.

The Staff

Miss Wilhelmina Megan Mc.
Dr. Emmett Evan S.

This comedic play by John Patrick is about Ethel P. Savage, whose husband has recently died and left her with an inheritance worth millions.  She wants to set up a charity to fund the dreams of people. That does not set well with her stepchildren who want the money.  Her stepchildren have her committed to a sanatorium, hoping she will return to her senses and reveal the location of the money . You will learn about her new friends, the other guests, and will have to determine who really are the crazy ones by the end of the play.